An Unforgettable Experience In My Life

I have had many unforgettable experiences in my life.  Some of them being  my wedding day, the birth of each of my three children and of course, the births of my three grandchildren.  Those are things most of us have experienced in our life.  I tried to think of others that may not be as momentous as the ones previous and I remembered a day in the 1980’s when I went to Disney World with my husband, my daughter and her then boyfriend who were visiting from Connecticut.  Both my daughter and her boyfriend were in some form of theater at that time and wanted to see what Disney offered in that type of entertainment.


When we arrived there, we decided to go to Epcot first so we could make reservations for dinner that evening.  Reservations were scarce if you didn’t get there early and you could find yourself eating dinner at nine at night.  Way too late for me.  My daughter and her boyfriend went on ahead and my husband and I went into the big ball near the entrance of Epcot.  At that time, you had to make your reservations there.  There were kiosks where you went up and punched in a few buttons and talked to someone to make the reservation.

When we arrived inside the ball, all of the kiosks were full and many people were lined up to make their reservations except for one empty kiosk where there was not even one soul in line.  I went up to that kiosk and was going to make my reservation when about four people ran up to me and said “no Miss you can’t use this kiosk, it is reserved for filming for the opening of the Disney World in Japan in February.”  We apologized and backed away when one of the women in the group stopped me and asked if I wanted to be filmed for Japanese TV by making a reservation.  Of course, being the ham that I am, I said yes.  My husband paled and inched back away from me.  I grabbed him and said I would do the whole thing and all he would have to do is stand next to me and not say a word.  He was ok with that.  At that, a Japanese camera man came up behind us and a couple of Japanese ladies told me to just act naturally and they would do the rest.  I did it and actually made the reservation for the French Restaurant at 7:00 P.M. that evening.  When we were done, they gave us $20.00 to have lunch at the English Pub called the Rose and Crown, and bowed and backed away with lovely smiles.

Rose and Crown Epcot

The woman who worked at Disney told me it would be shown on Japanese TV on February 17th.  When my daughter and her boyfriend met up with us, I told them that they missed their big break in show business by going on ahead.  We had a great lunch at the English Pub and on February 17th, I waited for the many phone calls I was sure were coming from Japan offering me my own show after seeing me on TV.  Alas, none came and my dreams of being a star were shattered.