I am so egotistical that I can think of more than one thing that I like to do that I do well like talking and relating to people, cooking and sewing.

Of course, I may be fooling myself in thinking that I do these things well.

One of my all time favorite things that I do well is reading.  Read, read, read!  I read about four or five books a week and I read quickly.  I do not realize that I am reading that fast and when the book is finished, and I have grown close to the characters, I am sad but I am ready for another one.  I do not read intellectual type books but I read what I call “fun” books.  These consist of everything from Debbie Macomber, Michael Connelly, (I love his Harry Bosch character), Nora Roberts and even Stephen King, although I have kind of out grown him.  I also love to read biographies and autobiographies.   I just finished Stephen King’s book called “On Writing” and it was very informative but it also was his life story and I couldn’t put the book echo

Reading to me is a wonderful form of escape that neither movies nor TV can satisfy.  Because you can’t see the characters , in your mind you become the  heroine or even hero some times and your imagination carries you along. Pride Prejudice-cover

Radio used to be like that for me when I was a kid.  I can recall listening to Captain Midnight and I felt I could be Captain Midnight and do all the daring deeds that he did.  I even sent for the decoder ring and that is why I love the movie A Christmas Story so much.  I truly identified with the boy.   I also loved a show called Gangbusters and Inner Sanctum which used to scare the bejeebers out of me with the sound of the creaking door and the deep voiced man saying “Who Knows What Evil Lives in the Heart of Man, the Shadow knows”.  Oh wait, that was another show but I loved it too.

In any case reading brings my imagination to life and if I am somewhere and I have to wait, I always have my kindle with me so I can read and make the time pass.  Reading is like magic to me and I have tried to pass my love of reading on to my children and my grandchildren, most of whom love to read.

Yes, I am a fast reader and a prolific reader and I love it! Call-Me-Mrs.-Miracle-Book-Debbie-Macomber-Book-Cover-e1354991612780